Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vintage Bottles - Valentine's Day

So, I have this thing. Obsession would be very strong word. But it would be correct. Ahem.
I love collecting random vintage bottles and jars.  I just can't walk away from them.  I mean, come on... they clearly need me to love them.  The ones above just happen to be a small portion of my collection.  A small collection of the clear ones.  Not the blue. Or the green. I told you it was bad.
I hid them for a while. I do that sometimes. But then one gloriously sunny day I decided that they needed to be proudly displayed in front of my living room window.  So, I set them all up with a dozen or so white daisies in the bottles and then stood back and proudly watched the sun bounce off the glass. They made my soul happy. I was outside watering the zinnias that grow in front of that window later when Brad came home from work. 
"What in the world are those?" he patiently inquired.
"Aren't they fun? They look all trendy and happy," I answered.
"Or... like we are in an episode of Sanford & Son," he said.
"I'll potentially take that under advisement. It doesn't look good for you though, so don't hold your breath."
He sighed. The bottles remained. I won.
Fast forward a year and I may or may not have told Brad that the bottles had been donated to Goodwill. Perhaps. So, they are all going incognito for Valentine's Day.  A few heart shaped doilies, some Baker's twine and some hearts made out of corrugated cardstock and they are barely recognizable. Well, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. 

I originally saw this idea on Pinterest.  Where else? She used Mason jars. If I was obsessed with Mason jars, we would have to move into a bigger house. So, see? I've got that going for me.

The pins and hearts were part of my crafty stuff stash.  The Baker's twine came from The Baker's Confection and the doilies I picked up at JoAnn Fabric. They are filled, at the moment with red tulips.  Last week it was carnations. Love love love. I think you need to make some.  Don't you?

But now how to disguise them for Easter...


Michelle said...

I don't know why Brad wouldn't like the daisies in your bottles or the bottles!! Daisies are such a happy flower! ;) I can picture some fun spring-y colors on those bottles soon!

gayle said...

Wonderful idea! Think it looks lovely :)

Juliana said...

This entire story cracked me up!!! I love it and how these look all incognito! I am sure he will never realize what happened to them!!!