Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful Version 2012

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  2 weeks of planning the perfect menu.  One week of grocery shopping and trying to find the right tablecloth.  2 days of pie baking.  1 day of cooking.  20 minutes of eating.  Somehow I think my equation is off. Just a little.  Oh, but it was worth it.  I admit that I am a little sad to see November slip by as quickly as it has.

The entire month of November has been full of moments to be thankful for.  We have spent very happy days raking piles of leaves just to jump in.  I can't imagine a better use for leaves.  We spent hours throwing Maddux's favorite Vanderbilt football back and forth across the front yard.  The daylight slipped away as we chased after Paizlee's wild throws.

I freshened up picture frames with fresh coats of paint and bought all new comforters for the beds. 

Since we are going to be spending more hours indoors over the next few months, I have been focusing on making things as cozy and welcoming as possible. 

I bought a twenty-five pound bag of flour and I am happily planning on how to use every cup.  The Christmas cookie list has been made and I am anxious to begin planning exactly what I am going to bake this year.  In the meantime, I made my favorite Caramel Apple Pie for Thanksgiving.  You should absolutely try it.  Just add a bit of cinnamon to your apples and your life will be complete.

As I type, the Christmas tree that we cut down this afternoon is happily twinkling in the living room.  We are moving ahead to Christmas and all the magic that December entails.  I hope that your November has brought you as much joy as ours has.  Now... get those cookie sheets ready.  I will be back with recipes!


Michelle said...

I am glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Don't you just love how that works??? All that hard work and it is all consumed in a matter of minutes. Christmas is kind of like that too. Spend weeks preparing and it is gone in the blink of an eye. That is completely ok, because it is all worth it. :) Holy moly... tell Paizlee, Breuklyn and Maddux not to grow so fast.
I just realized, I have been reading your blog for over 4 years. I remember reading and seeing pics like this... Look how little they were!!! Thank you for sharing your adorable munchkins and all of their adventures. It has been lots of fun and lots of laughs. :)

Heather Landry said...

I LOVE your creative crops on the photos in this post. Your house looks amazing! You should come give me tips on mine. LOL I'm sure your first tip would be to put up all of the laundry I've folded that's cluttering up the couch.

Happy December Estee!