Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Love, um, Antibiotics?

The numbers from my life this week:

3 sick kids + 1 sick husband = 4 very good reasons for me to take a lengthy vacation in a land far, far away.

$85.00 in co-pays and prescriptions + 20 minutes waiting in line at the pharmacy = Justification for me to buy 3 new books for my Nook without feeling guilty.

12,000 Clorox bleach wipes + 104 gallons of water from washing sheets, pillowcases and blankets = Tulips, hydrangeas and more tulips covering every available surface in my house. Sensible, yes? Germs just pack it up and leave when surrounded by happy bursts of color, right?

All thoughts of sprinkles, frosting and paper hearts have been put on the back burner until the antibiotics have run their course and the kids are back in school. I have high hopes for tomorrow. At the moment, we love Tylenol, ginormous bowls of Vegetable Beef Soup and super cute slippers. Hopefully things at your house are more germ-free than at ours. If not, I've got plenty of soup.


Michelle said...

Ha!! I have plenty of that soup too, as does the tax office!! hee!hee! I hope Brad and the kidlets are feeling better soon!!! Knock on wood, we have all been well here this winter!!!

Carmen O. said...

Oh goodness! Hope your family is better soon. Love that soup, now I want to make it.

Mitralee said...

Your page (previous to your post on sick family, sorry to hear that, been there it's no fun) inspired my page. Thought I'd share. Scrapbook pages are kinda like flowers, they are fun to look at too.

Heather Landry said...

I hope that everyone feels better soon!!! I got tulips for Valentine's Day (Early!) and if what you say is true then my son's germs should be running for the hills soon! I hope.

Beverly said...

Now that's the kind of reasoning I get! Sick kids, sick hubby = flowers and nook books!