Monday, March 1, 2010

Today I Am: March Edition

I was reading through Facebook status updates this morning and my dear friend May Flaum's status caught my eye: March 1st on a Monday... does it get better than starting a new month on the first day of the week? I have since been giving this Monday a whole new look. I do {love} March. Good things always happen in March.

March 1, 2009 brought us snow. March 1, 2010 has brought us no snow. See? Already a great month. If I wanted snow, I would have stayed in Michigan thankyouverymuch.

Anyway... Today I Am.

Reading: Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew and Successful Container Gardening by Joseph R. Provey. I am envisioning strawberries and fresh oregano, basil and rosemary. I am planning on starting some seeds indoors soon. I am going to try the If you plant it, Spring will come methodology. We'll see how it goes.

Listening To: I am currently obsessed with Train's CD, Save Me, San Francisco. I get to listen to Hey, Soul Sister whenever my adorable sister calls my cell phone. I admit that I have missed a few of her calls while dancing around with the kids to the ring tone. This can be awfully embarrassing at Kroger.

Obsessed With: McCoy Pottery and little flower pots in yellows and turquoise. I have been collecting these little planters whenever I can sneak away to antique stores. My dear sweet Nan had all of her African violets growing on an old trunk in front of her living room window. As soon as I can find suitable African violets, I will start a similar tradition.

Thinking About: Breuklyn. We are struggling with her while she is struggling with reading. Dyslexia has been on our radar for about a year now as we are trying trying trying to find a way to help her at home. She is in tears most mornings not wanting to go to school. She says that she feels dumb and that she isn't able to read like the other kids. From the endless research that I have compiled, it is possible to diagnose dyslexia at 5-1/2 years old. The school contends that they can't do anything until 3rd grade. I can't watch her struggle and fall behind for 2 more years! Even if we could just rule it out, then I could move on to a new technique of teaching her at home, but it seems cruel to be using methods of teaching that she is incapable of benefiting from. Sigh.

Planning To: Make these scented gel paints and make a huge big mess with the kids. Maddux has strep throat and Breuklyn has the infamous stomach virus that has lasted well beyond its normal 24-hour parameter. We are up to our eyeballs in Children's Tylenol, antibiotics and cough drops. Once I Lysol this place from top to bottom, we will be making is messy again. Fun times.

Dreaming Of: My new yellow iPod. My green iPod won't accept any new music and it hurts my soul to delete any of my old music to make way for new music, so Brad decided that a new iPod is exactly what I need. I think he is a genius.

Enjoying: Scrapbooking. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone creates for the Bella Blvd - Jillibean Soup - Nikki Sivils Blog Crawl. (Be sure to tune in March 5th!) It feels so rewarding to sit down and just let my mind stop worrying and let my hands just create. Plus, it is nice to fall is love with the hobby again.

Vowing To: Actually finish a to do list this week. I just keep adding and adding to it. I need to focus. And maybe bake some cookies. Or make a pilgrimage to Starbucks. And match up all of those socks. Oh, and wash my car. And... oh, wait. See? This is impossible!

Working On: 30 Things for My 30th Year Album. Remember my 29 Things? Well, it's time to wrap it up and start again! In a mere 7 days, I will be saying goodbye to my twenties. Eek. I am trying to be a good sport, but it seems a little scary to me. Or maybe a lot scary.

What are you up to today?


Patrizzia said...

Love seeing your blog posts again my dear. I am too matching up a million socks and folding 1,000 little articles of clothing. Getting behind on kids laundry is awful and so so time consuming. Now if I just didn't care about wrinkled clothes I would be so golden! We are also cleaning out our office/craft room to make it into M's new room. What a daunting task that is becoming. Sigh!

Happy March my friend!

Michelle said...

I am truly enjoying your posts! Today, I am... cooking for the tax office, buying new crock pots that died during said cooking, folding a ton of laundry, dishes, dinner for my family plus a scrappy assignment that is due this week. I really hope you are able to find a way to help Breuklyn. I feel so bad for her and can only begin to imagine how frustrated she must be. I hope this is a good month for you! {{hugs!}}

LianeZ said...

Socks - think I'm going to have to start wearing miss-matched ones. Hubby does the wash and I now have about 14 single socks that he swears the mates have to be in my drawer, not sure what drawer he thinks I have that hides socks but oh well. Have you tried calling one of those places that tutors students on the side like Sylvan, maybe they have a test that Breukly can take. I know there are tests but not sure if there is one geared to first graders. You should not have to wait 2 more years! That’s criminal!

Frances said...

Sigh...I missed you...

I am soooo glad to know that you neglect your children's socks...shew...I thought I was the only one. One day at a time my friend is all one can truly handle. You are a loving mommy and are just perfect to your family I guarantee you! ;)

P.S. From a teacher...go visit your school public school, children have the right to be taught individually. They have to do is the law.

Juliana said...

I just have to say that I am SO, SO, SO HAPPY to see you blogging again! I really enjoy reading your posts!!!

prashant said...

What a daunting task that is becoming. Sigh!
1001 how 2

Sara Zenger said...

I just wanted to let you know that I turned 30 a few weeks ago and I am loving it! No specific reason but its good. =) I hope you did well with your 29 album - I worked on several things for mine (I won your contest for making my own 29 album) but a few I did not get to, like catching a fish! I will try again his summer.

Amanda Sevall said...

Nice to see ya back in the blogging world Estee!! I was happy to see a whole pile of them when I finally got to look through my reader tonight. Happy belated 30th from one newly 30 year old to another :) Hope life is treating you kindly and happy birthday to cute little Paizlee -- can't believe she's already 3! :)