Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The End of March Already?

Um, hello? Where did my favorite month go? The past week has absolutely flown by, but I am happy to report that we enjoyed every moment. Let's review, shall we?

Breuklyn has been itching to use her special cooking set that she got for Christmas. Since she had two weeks of Spring Break, we spent a lot of happy afternoons baking. I dare you to look at the color palette of her little cooking set and not be happy. Go ahead, try. See? I told you so.

Cupcakes. Sigh. No other explanation necessary. (Sprinkles found at Bake It Pretty)

Zinnias, pumpkins and sunflowers were planted in little cups. They have already sprouted, much to the amazement of the monsters.

Carolyn was here! She spent a week with us. I am never happier than when my little sister is here. We bought a fire pit at Lowe's and spent many many many happy hours sitting outside trying to keep a fire going. Brad is not so happy that I used the phone book to keep the fire going. Who needs Yellowpages when there is Google?

One of the perks of Carolyn visiting is that she is waaaaay more style conscious that I am. She always manages to pull me out of frumpy and into fabulous when she is here. I am the proud new owner of this ruffly purse and some fancy dangly earrings. Yay! Do you think that they will match my ancient Michigan Alumni t-shirt?

No matter how much Carolyn tries to fix me up, I cannot keep my fingernails painted. These fingernails were once shiny and turquoise. I think they give me character when they are chipped. Um, sure. That's it.

We are headed to the park for a picnic with friends this afternoon. If I can just keep this little one reigned in, everything will be alright. I am even more of a helicopter mom since she broke her collarbone. I am thinking of investing in some Paizlee-sized bubblewrap for the next 4 weeks.

How was your March?

(PS. Now, don't be shocked, but I have actually been scrapbooking. I know, right? I will be hosting a new contest over at for April. Stay tuned!)


Michelle said...

Hey girlie!! I am so happy to hear you had a good month!! Much needed I am sure!! What a fun purse! Can I borrow your sis to drag me out of my frumpiness? Have a wonderful time at the park!!! Hugs!

Sara Zenger said...

I just went and bought some new summer shoes today to get myself out a frumpy state. I am really looking forward to your contest on!

Heather Landry said...

If you figure out where to buy kid sized bubble wrap clue me in. Brandon almost knocked himself out cold on the tub faucet this evening. He has a HUGE lump on his forehead. Sigh. Oh and Breuklyn's cooking set is so cool. My kids love cooking too.

Darlene said...

fun pics and captions! :)