Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Better Than Birthday Cake

Yes, the cookies and cream ice cream cake was amazing.

But the view of three Happy Birthday singing kids on the other side of the cake was even better.

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Carmen O. said...

Looks yummy and extra special with the three cutie pies looking on! Hope your day was fabulous!

Melanie said...

They are such CUTIES!! My birthdays are more fun now because my kids enjoy them so much :)

That cake looks scrumptions!!

KateB said...

cake would be oh so good right now...but I cannot bake so!

Michelle said...

OH.... I LOVE THAT PHOTO!! The one with the three kids is!!! I am really glad you had a good day!! So good to see a pic of your 3! :)

Queen of Paper said...

I think the world of you and hope this new year of life will be MUCH easier :)
Your kiddos are so CUTE!
Love ya

Sharyn DePriest said...

Gorgeous photos of the kids and cake!

The Paper Princess said...

Great pics! Hope your day was amazing!

Ramona :-)