Saturday, February 20, 2010

Proofreading is a Good Thing

I was sure that Breuklyn would want to go with store bought Valentines this year. We dutifully checked out the Hannah Montana, Disney Princess and Tinkerbell varieties. Breuklyn looked up at me with a look of deep concentration etched into her adorable almost 7-year-old face and said, "Mom, these just aren't as cool as the ones that we made last year." So, with a happy heart she proceeded to dig through all of the buttons, glitter, felt and paper that she could possibly desire to create her class Valentines.

While she rocked out to the Phineas and Ferb soundtrack and set about to her task of 18 Valentines, I sat across from her at the dining room table writing out yet another grocery list. She held up the above Valentine and said, "What do you think mom??? This is for my favorite friend, Alexis." Of course I smiled and told her that it was the best Valentine in the history of Valentine's Day. It was my duty. I asked her to open it so that I could read what she wrote. Inside, she had carefully written, "I lick you a lot."


In other news, (which happens to be Maddux's favorite new phrase and we hear it 237 times a day) whomever cut Breuklyn's bangs needs to adjust her scissors or something. Because surely it couldn't have been, ahem, me that cut her bangs like that. Yeah. No way. Wow.


Michelle said...

HEY!!! :D Those are just the most absolutely fantabulous V-day cards!! Homemade are the best!! Oh my gosh is she growing up!! I think she looks like her mama!! :D Tell her to slow down!! Don't worry, we have all had those mishaps with trimming bangs.. not like I wouldn't know anything about that.. ahem!! ;)

Carmen O. said...

Too cute! Love the very special valentine and those bangs. Kind of similar bangs were on me once when my mom cut my bangs. :D

Brook said...

Soooo good to have you back, Estee! I love handmade valentine's... nothing like 'em. She is such a sweetie.

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

way toooo funny

Mrs. Dude said...

love it!!!

prashant said...

She is such a sweetie.
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