Friday, October 30, 2009


Remember my epic I love October post? Um, yeah. October didn't turn out quite like I was expecting.
Thanks to this sweet little girl (seen here in her prom picture, hee hee) we now know everything there is to know about abdominal migraines. She also owes me about a month of sleep. I'm going to put it on her tab.

However, October was not a complete loss. In between the Pediatricians, Specialists and Emergency Room visits we managed to squeeze in a few sunny days. A morning at the park was exactly what Maddux was hoping that October would bring. Maddux is always happy, so he is easy to please. A steady supply of Halloween candy and a few mornings at the park are all he really needs in the world.

Breuklyn spent all of October chasing, literally, after Caleb. Breuklyn and her best friend formed the "Chasing Club" which basically consists of chasing a few select boys on the playground. It's all very complicated first grade stuff.

When Brad had lunch with Breuklyn at her school one day, he was horrified to hear his darling 6-year-old being teased by her friends about Caleb being her boyfriend. Poor Brad. I think he is looking into joining the Chasing Club.

I have high hopes for November. Yes, that's right. I am throwing it out into the universe - November is going to be fantastic. It's going to be amazing.

Ooooh, before I forget! - The winner of the Crate Paper giveaway is Lal! Email me at EsteeLynn(at) gmail(dot)com so I can mail your prize out to you!

(PS Kari and Ginger, I haven't forgotten you. Don't give up on me!)


Jenny said...

They all look great. Welcome back.

Tracy (KatyKatsMama) said...

Hey Estee - I'm glad to see you received a manageable diagnosis for your sweetie. Katy, our 6 year old, received the diagnosis of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and Abdominal Migraines a couple years ago. GOOD NEWS, once we learned to manage her specific triggers (not enough sleep, too much junk food, etc), we have not had an episode in over a year now!

So, although I literally feel your pain and sleeplessness (hers ALWAYS came on after sleeping for 2-4 hours), there is alot you can do to hopefully reduce the frequency and/or severity. Send me a PM on if I can help with any info or moral support!

Michelle said...

Oh Estee, so glad to hear from you!!! Been checking here often. I am so glad Miss Paizlee is ok. What a relief to finally have some answers. Hopefully, you are able to catch up on some much needed sleep now!! Great pics of your sweet kids!!! Poor Brad... tell him this is just the beginning! And it doesn't get easier!!! You can tell him he is welcome to call Greg and discuss anytime... we have already been there once and are hitting there again with Britty now in jr. high. Take care of yourself!! Thinking of you!!!

Carmen O. said...

So glad to hear you've got a diagnosis and some relief. Our kids really get some big tabs, don't they? Here's to hoping you get some time to relax. As a mom I know how difficult it is, but hopefully you can squeeze some in. Take Care and have a wonderful weekend!

Congrats Lal!

{Sarah} said...

Soooo happy to have you back and even MORE happy Paizlee is doing better!!

Amanda Sevall said...

Wow, what a month! Glad you got some answers and everything is going to be okay. Hugs and welcome back!! Oh and happy halloween too :)

Heather Landry said...

I'm so glad that Miss Paizlee is okay! Thank goodness!!! I am always rooting for you!

I think your November will rock!! I'm hoping it's a good month for us too. October has pretty much sucked with Jordan in the hospital and me with the flu and recovering from surgery. So here's to NOVEMBER! LOL

Alexis came home fussing the other day about a boy picking on her and teasing her all the time. Then she looked up at me and told me her friend says that means he likes her. They grow up entirely to fast! I hope you had a Happy Halloween!

Lal said...

Me? I won? Wow!! Thanks Estee!!
Poor Paizlee! At least now you know the problem! I just LOVE that "prom" pic of her! She is so adorable and looks so big already! Everytime I see a pic of her, I swear I just want to pinch her cheeks and give her a big squeeze! Can you do that for me!? :) Lij has been girl crazy since Kindergarten! Thankfully, up to this point, Mikey only has eyes for me :) Welcome back and take care :)