Sunday, August 2, 2009

Today I Am: August Edition

I got just a teensy bit slacker-ish with the Today I Am posts, but I am ready for August!

Today I Am:

Reading: On the Road by Jack Kerouac. It's one of those books that theoretically everyone is supposed to have read and I just never got around to it. It's also on my 29 Things list. I am loving it so far. After forcing my way through Faulkner, this is a breath of fresh air.

Listening To: (I can't believe I am going to admit to this) Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong. Christmas music. I know, I know. But, Christmas is only 144 days away. I'm just getting a little, um, jump start.

Obsessed With: Aprons. As soon as I saw this apron on Donna Downey's blog, I have been planning to make one. My problem is that my knowledge of sewing is next to nothing so I am fumbling along with it until I get it figured out. I am sure that you will hear all about it, the good, the bad and the unfathomably ugly.

Thinking About: A brand new school year for Breuklyn. None of her friends from Kindergarten are in her class this year and I am starting to think that this is just what she needs - a fresh start. New kids + a fantastic new teacher = a much happier first grader. I can't believe that the summer is already over and this is her second week of school!

Planning To: Stalk Patrizzia's blog for ideas to help get Maddux ready for school. She has more ideas that I could ever imagine. We are going to practice cutting and glueing, make some story stones and of course we need to try out the pumpkin pie play-doh!! Plus, check out these crayon wallets!!! As soon as I buy some fabric, I will be trying to make these! I personally think that Patrizzia is a genius. :)

Dreaming Of: A little selfish time. With the school year rapidly adding a million things to my to do list and soccer starting soon as well, I am hoping for a little me time. I am hoping to escape to the drive-in movie theater this weekend with some friends. Rumor has it that there will be a double feature of Julie & Julia and The Ugly Truth. My soul needs popcorn.

Enjoying: Paizlee. I made the terrible, awful mistake of teaching her something super annoying/hysterical. It's a classic.

Guess What?
Chicken Butt

It's seems innocent enough, but when heard 5,987 times in one day, it loses its appeal. However, she has the best laught ever and it is absolutely contagious, so we are willing to listen to it all day every day. She has also added her own Paizlee-isms: Guess Why? Butterflies. Guess Who? Woohoo! The cuteness is unstoppable.

Vowing To: Be a big girl and not cry at my dentist appointment on Wednesday. Surely the fact that I haven't been able to eat solid food for a month because of sharp stabbing pains isn't a bad sign, right? The fact that I would rather just live with the pain instead of going to the dentist says a lot about what a huge big coward I am. Thankfully my dentist has a ginormous sign that proclaims to the world, "We cater to cowards." We'll see about that.

Working On: Finding projects that begin with the letter "A" for Maddux this week. I am super excited about the egg carton alligator that we are going to make. Life is always good when there are crafts waiting to be created.

What are you up to today?


Michelle said...

I am needing to get the kids hair cut. Britty, a fresh new do for jr high. Which she is seriously not looking forward to. I am hoping this year brings her many more friends, decent kids that elem. school did. I would love to find things geared to Ben's level for educational activities. He is such a sponge and so smart. I would love some ME time. 10 min here and there just doesn't count. I am glad this school year has started out great!! I can't wait to hear/see more. I hope she has a great time in soccer this year and makes lots of great friends. Love all the LO's lately. Glad you found time to scrap. Britty has been scrapping more. When she needs inspiration, she searches down yours!! :)

Heather Landry said...

I am so glad that Breuklyn is going to have a new teacher and all new classmates! I'm planning a fall full of activities for Brandon. I missed spending one on one time with him. You probably missed the same thing with Miss Paizlee. I love that she says, Guess What? Chicken Butt! We have an addition to it over here. Guess Who? Chicken Poo. Yeah, You can thank my 7 year old for that one.

Oh and speaking of things not to teach your 2 year old... my DH walks around all the time saying "Dang Yo!" and now the little one does it too. Really loudly, at inappropriate moments. It's kinda hard not to giggle. Which only reinforces the behavior. LOL

Patrizzia said...

Awwww shucks! Thanks so much for all the kids words. You rock in my world too! :)

Sarah said...

wow, that apron does look challenging!