Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Garden Excitement + Lots of Fun Scrappy Business

I have been stalking my garden. Every morning I run outside to check everything out. You know, in case anything exciting happened overnight. The only exciting thing that has happened was that the neighbor's cat killed a blue jay and kindly hid him under the zucchini leaves. I wasn't expecting that kind of excitement. And I returned the kindness by returning the bird to my neighbors. I am just that kind of neighbor.

There is just something so ridiculously satisfying in watching things grow. I have enjoyed sharing these tiny moments with the kids.

They are also exhibiting more of an interest in eating vegetables since they have had a hand in helping them grow. If Maddux will eat just one vegetable, then this whole venture will have been a success.

Besides stalking my garden, I have been busy scrapbooking. There are lots of fun things going on!

GCD Studios is holding an awesome contest! Heidi will be choosing a winner every Wednesday throughout the summer! All you have to do is become a Follower of the GCD Studios Blog. If you click on over to the GCD Blog, Heidi will explain what you need to do!

Mosh Posh is holding another Guest Designer Contest! Brook has all of the details for you over at the Mosh Posh Blog. I will be hosting another Challenge (with an awesome prize!) over there next week, so be sure to check back! is having a fun contest this month, hosted by yours truly. There are two ways to win! And three winners will be randomly selected to win prize packs valued at $75.00!

Be sure to check everything out! (and now I am off to stare at my garden... )


Carmen O. said...

I have a veggie garden this year! I'm so excited I haven't had a veggie garden since I was at home. Darn apt living! I did plant tomatoes in a pot and one year we had pumpkins just because we carved them and some seeds got away from us. Of course the landlord had fits about it cuz the vines were crowding the sidewalk. Isn't summer great!

Juliana said...

Love your garden photos for sure! Ours is coming along quite nicely as well!!!

PS...Go for it with Mix It Up!