Friday, May 29, 2009

One Final Day of Kindergarten

In 45 minutes I will leave to pick up Miss Breuklyn from her final day of Kindergarten. Yesterday was the Kindergarten Graduation and then I brought in cookies for her class celebration. And since she had clearly not had enough sugar, we hit up Sonic for a vanilla ice cream cone, just the two of us, so that we could discuss the day's events.

Me: Are you going to miss Kindergarten or are you ready to move up to First Grade?
Breuklyn: (looks unsure) I think I am ready. I will still be able to play, won't I?
M: Of course. You will still have recess and I am sure that your new teacher will have lots of fun things planned.
B: Am I done with math?
M: Not so much.
B: (disappointed) Well... will I still have rest period?
M: No, you won't have to bring in your mat for First Grade. No more rest period.
B: But what will the teacher do?
M: What do you mean?
B: Well, don't we have rest period so the teacher can get a break from us?
M: (laughing) You have it all figured out, Breuklyn, you are now ready for First Grade.

Whether she is ready or not, I am ready for summer vacation! 8 whole weeks to enjoy every moment of my little monsters all being at home. Sigh. Does it get any better than that?


Michelle said...

I think she does have it figured out!! :D So cute!! Enjoy the time with your munchkins.. summer vacations seem to go by all too fast! Love the new picture!!!

Melissa S said... I am dreading having all the monsters home for the summer! You are lucky that you feel differently..I wish I was as excited as you:)

Lynnde said...

I remember those kindergarten years... and I wish I could have them all back. My middle child is looking at her Senior year next year.... I'm sure I'll be a wreck all year again just like when my first was a Senior. It goes by way to quickly! So enjoy them while they are young, wild and still need you!!!

Courtney said...

Eight weeks???? Our summer vacation this year is thirteen weeks!!!! When do they go back?!

Michelle said...

BTW, I think Breuklyn looks alot like you!! :) She is so cute!!

Carmen O. said...

Wow Breuklyn does have it all figured out! Sounds like you have a short summer vacation. 3.5 more days of Freshmen year for Noah.

Love your new profile photo Estee!

lifeheARTist said...

I LOVE Summer vacation with the kids.... always have! First grade? Wow, Kaydee will be starting 3rd and I could almost swear that she was JUST in kindegarten! CRAZY! Congrats to the 1st grader! : )