Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Five Senses (in my corner of the world)

I love this time of year. There is so much to smell, touch, hear, see and taste. Breuklyn has been learning about the 5 senses at school, so I thought I would try a grown-up version. :)

Smell. The herbs that I planted in terra cotta pots. Basil. Flat leaf Parsley. Rosemary. All sitting happily on Nan's old chair. A welcome sight and smell.

Sound. Maddux yelling, "Push me higher, Mommy!!!" while we play at the park in the evenings after dinner.

Touch. Zucchini plant safely transported into fresh soil.

Taste. Fat free vanilla yogurt, almonds and fresh strawberries. A very happy breakfast.

Sight. Breuklyn scoring yet another goal. Running as fast as she can and looking too grown up to be my little Kindergartner (only 8 days until she becomes a first grader! gasp!).
Are you sensing a scrapbook layout? Me too!

What are the five senses at your house this season?


Carmen O. said...

OMG Estee, what a fab idea! I love all your photos. I planted some veggies and herbs this year! I love cilantro and the smell mmmmm. Breuklyn sure is growing up fast, she looks so tall. Maddux looks like he's having so much fun swinging. Looking forward to the LO!

Michelle said...

ooo, that yogurt and fruit looked so good!! Yay! Breuklyn for scoring yet another goal! You go girl! I can't wait to see the LO you creat!!! :) Maybe a new June MP kit? :) My house.. smell of lilacs; touch - the few flowers Brit and planted; see Ben, like Maddux, wanting to be pushed on the swings in the backyard; hear - all the birds that have come back (finally!); and the taste of dinner cooked on the grill.

Z said...

what very colorful pics great idea about a lo!! heck several lo's you could do mini album about the senses! lol!

Queen of Paper said...

This was a very cute post. It makes me want to hang out with you :)