Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Projects!

It is almost ridiculous how much I actually accomplished this weekend. If I could be this productive all the time, I could take over the world.

We all knew that my button obsession would take over everything, right? I needed some Valentine's Day decorations and I thought that these sweet little button flowers would be the perfect touch.

I know I already posted this, but here it is again. I am just so happy with how it turned out. Are you curious as to what we will be doing? I'll give you a few clues: Cookies. Crayon Hearts.

Oy vey. The Earth. A paper mache Earth no less. I have never, ever in my life done paper mache. And I never will again. I do not shy away from messes. I am not normally intimidated by drips, drops and drama, but I hate paper mache. Ugh. Breuklyn had no complaints though. And yes, ahem, she is painting in her pajamas. Classy, I know.

Don't you just love the huge indentations in the top? Glorious. I didn't hover though. I wasn't a helicopter mom. I let her squish it in, I let her paint and paint and paint and paint. And then I let her repaint it again. It should be dry by 2014... or by tomorrow morning when it is due for the Space Fair.

And while she painted... I baked. You wouldn't have suspected anything less, would you?


Charity Hassel said...

love all you've been creating! congrats on the bella blvd. dt~! looking forward to working with you!

scrappinmomto2girls said...

girl I love your Valentine creations!!!

Juliana said...

Hi again!
I am just loving all your V-day projects! What a cool idea to be sharing with your kiddos like this!

Michelle said...

O.k. I love the button flowers. Breuklyns Earth looks great! I have been craving for cookies! Those look so good! I think I need to find time to make some.:)

Lisa T. Howard said...

Oh the memories that just came rushing projects equals mom's worst nightmare. Like you, I didn't hover, but hated it none the less. Have to admit it looks great!

Your Valentine's projects are delightful. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!

Lal said...

What an awesome looking Earth!! And I love those button flowers! SO cute! And I want some of those cookies!! Please?? LOL :)

Sarah and Jack said...

That garland is super cute.

And I also hate paper mache. I can never make it work?

Jane said...

oh yummmm on the cookies an what an awesome Earth!!!!