Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feeding the Birds!

We have lots and lots of birds in our backyard. Cardinals, Blue Jays and Robins galore. I saw the idea to make these little bird feeders over at Good + Happy Day.

All that is needed are some pipe cleaners and a few bowls of Cheerios. Want to hear a funny story about pipe cleaners?

When I was in the second grade we had to draw pictures of what our parents did for a living. When Mrs. Dyer came around to ask about my picture, I proudly announced that my dad was a pipe cleaner! Mrs. Dyer thought this was hysterical. When I later asked my mom why Mrs. Dyer would laugh at me because of what dad did, she had to patiently explain that my dad was a pipe fitter not a pipe cleaner. And now I laugh each and every time that I pull out the pipe cleaners.
All that you have to do is string the Cheerios along the pipe cleaner. You can't see it here, but I bent the other end so that the Cheerios wouldn't slide off.

I was amazed that little Miss Paizlee was able to do this project as well. She would put three or four Cheerios on the pipe cleaner - and then eat them off. Maddux said that she must be part bird.

Once the pipe cleaners are full of Cheerios, you make a circle and tie the ends together. Breuklyn was great about putting the chain together. This was such a fun project for the afternoon after we picked Breuklyn up from school. It was nice to sit and talk about her day while completing a simple project.

You can leave them in individual circles, or link them together to make a chain. We wanted a chain for our birds.

Once you have completed your chain, or run out of Cheerios, you can hang it outside for your little feathered friends. I am sure that they will appreciate it.

Have a great weekend!!!!


Michelle said...

This is cute! I love the part about Miss Paizlee eating the cheerios off! I miss my birds! The house before this one, we had a TON of birds.. cardinals, chickadees, blue jays, etc.. Here there aren't many trees (was a corn field at one time). Not as many birds. What we do have alot of is those Killdeer birds that run all over hollering - annoying. All we have right now is alot of snow, again. Today, Ben was arguing with his stuffed animals in his crib when he was supposed to be napping. I hear him up there talking, "you give that back". I think his stuffed monkey or bear was not sharing his little Mickey Mouse.. goofy kid. It so fun to listen to him. He is talking up a storm!!

Lal said...

Oh, what a cute idea! Now I need to get some pipe cleaner! And btw, LOL @ your "pipe cleaner" story and about Maddux saying Paizlee was part bird! :)

Patrizzia said...

Oh this is wonderful! Totally going to do this with Miabella. Thanks for the great idea.