Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reading is Hard Work

I have been busy working on my layouts for Create My Keepsake's January kit. My dining room table is covered in the makings of two, maybe three, more layouts. Once again, my family is eating dinner picnics in the living room floor until my projects are complete. We had a pizza and bread sticks picnic tonight courtesy of me ordering Pizza Hut, so no one is complaining too loudly.

Breuklyn is sitting next to me at the moment laboring over her vocabulary words. We just finished reading Hap is Hot. I think it is cruel to name a rabbit Hap in a story filled with hops, hot, had and has. I think they should have named him Burt and been done with it.

I don't remember the whole learning how to read ordeal. I remember other vital information, such as the name of my Cabbage Patch doll, but I don't remember the learning to read process. My Cabbage Patch's name was Stephanie Elizabeth, in case you were curious. Paizlee's Cabbage Patch doll is struggling along under the name Georgetta Marion. We call her Lucy.

Anyway, Breuklyn is reading and I swear that I don't remember the whole sounding out every sound to form a word deal. "Can" has been transformed into ca-ah-na. If you squeeze them all together, you don't get "can" as a result, but rather, in the mouth of a 5-year-old, you hear something that sounds more like "Canada." If this is phonics, then I don't like it. However, I have a ridiculously good memory so I just memorize everything. I am making flash cards post haste.

I will be choosing a winner for the Fiskars- Cloud 9 giveaway tomorrow, so don't forget to enter!! Happy almost-Friday!


Carmen O. said...

Let's see I learned to read with Dick, Jane & Spot. Long Long time ago hahahaha.

Lal said...

LOL the sounding out thing...yep, that is how Mikey got STUPID out of SO funny..still makes me laugh! BTW, LOVE the LO! Left you some love too :)

Michelle said...

Estee, love your LO (commented on, and am waiting anxiously to see the others. I just love all of them! :) Ah, the kindergarten days of reading. Been there twice already, and will be heading back there in about 3 1/2 yrs. Fun isn't it. I think I learned with Dick, Jane and Spot too. It was a long, long time ago for me. Have a great weekend! :)

Crystal said...

Beautiful layout and Beautiful photo!
Yeah,I don't remember much phonics either and sometimes I sure don't think it helps! Especially with the little words!! LOL

shopgirlaudi said...

We have a Cabbage Patch doll somewhere around here. I don't know what her name is:( I had one too, but don't remember his name either. I guess I'm lucky I remember my own name;)

We still do the sounding out reading thing for some words, but it's doesn't always makes sense and it's a bit confusing. I go with the memorizing too;)