Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy Today (Plus a Giveaway!)

I have to admit that I am sad to see the end of the brightly colored leaves. I love fall and am always disappointed when it is over. I can honestly say, though, that we enjoyed every single moment of fall this year. We went for a walk on Friday to enjoy the final moments and collect some final leaves.

Is there anything better than collecting leaves on a warm Friday afternoon?

I am loving the new Taylor Swift album. I downloaded it this morning from iTunes and have been bouncing around the house listening to it on my iPod. Bonus: I don't have to listen to Dora and the Pirate Piggies when I have my headphones on. :)

I have been finalizing my Thanksgiving Menu. I made our favorite Thanksgiving side dish last weekend, Scalloped Corn. Yum. I love Thanksgiving. Yet another reason that I love fall.

Speaking of Thanksgiving... wouldn't these be super cute as little centerpieces at the kids table? I have hidden some of the Halloween candy so that we can make these. Tanya, over at the Sunday Baker has step by step directions on how to make them. Be sure to check out her blog, I love it!

Soup. Is there anything more comforting and soothing than soup? Brad has been begging for homemade vegetable beef soup, so I finally took the time to make it. It was so worth it!

The kids are finalizing their Christmas list wishes. I think that Paizlee would be absolutely adorable in this little Cozy Coupe. Breuklyn wants a Barbie Jeep thing that she can drive all over the backyard. I think the Cozy Coupe is more our speed.

I have been getting lots of fun Scrapbooking supplies in the mail! My mail lady is thrilled to have to lug it to my door every day. I am sure she wonders what the heck I am doing. :) I got these Pink Paislee Pixee Stix Glitter in every.single.color! This is such a fun product! They add the perfect touch of glittery goodness to any project that you are working on!

I love how the glitter made the clouds so pretty! Everyone needs a little glitter in their day! I would love to share some of my glitter, so leave a comment here letting me know what makes you happy this week and I will choose **three** people who will win a tube of the Pink Paislee Pixee Stix Glitter. You have until Friday, November 14th at 8:00 PM Central Time to leave a comment. So, let's hear it! What makes you happy this week?


Patrizzia said...

OMGosh that soup looks sooooooo amazing. I can totally smell it. Now what makes me happy.. other than John and Miabella I love a great cup of hot tea, a quiet house and Michael Buble.

P.S. I am opting out of the giveaway because John despises glitter.

Carmen O. said...

Hey can you send the recipe for the soup and the corn? Both look yummy. Things that make me happy - cooking, receiving snail mail--the good stuff, not bills, snuggled up in bed reading or watching a movie.

hydee said...

I have to agree with you I am enjoying the last few days of beautiful color. Our family really enjoyed this fall season, we drove to the mountains for some apple pickin .Also enjoying a clean house with all the windows open and a chlly breeze while I sip my cinnamon swirl coffee in my victoria secret pink sweats (sooo comfy)Oh and I love the candy turkeys Adorable

Amanda Sevall said...

I love Taylor Swift! Saw her in concert a few years ago with Brad Paisley, Kelly Pickler and Jack Ingram - she's an amazing live performer if you ever get the chance. :) I'm enjoying curling up on the couch reading a book and drinking hot tea (instead of iced tea) again this week!

PS - Been debating with some friends.... what exactly are the Pixie Stix like.... just a tube of glitter or do they have some sorta glue in them like stickles?!?

Chasity Grace said...

loving those little turkey center pieces. i might make those for my clients!!!

three things that make me happy...my wornderfully supportive friends and family...my internship...and my sweet puppt!!!

Lal said...

MMMM..that soup looks YUUUUMMMY!! I just made some chicken soup a few days ago similar to the one you posted about. DELICIOUS! Lij ate some and said I was the best chef in the world :) Too bad we don't get the kind of "fall" here that you do there. We don't have all those nice colored leaves or the fresh weather. It still feels like summer here. In fact, today I am wearing shorts and a TANK top...in the middle of November! LOL I just read Patrizzia's comment about opting out of the glitter because John hates it! TOO funny! Hmm..what makes me happy other than my darling children :)I know it's going to sound corny, but right now...just being...getting to wake up every morning with a roof over our heads and food in our stomaches and family and love and here is where I break out in song! LOL :) I didn't know what the big deal was with glitter and glittery stuff, but seeing how you used it on the clouds looks SOOO pretty!! I can see the appeal :)

Vicki said...

Estee, saying your name just makes me smile! I love your outlook on life! The picture of Maddux is fab. I can't believe how big he is getting. The food looks great too, but the OREO! Yum! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

Leah said...

love the glitter estee!

my nephew learning my name makes me super happy :)

Melissa S said...

Ooo those turkey's are the cutest things ever! I might make them for Ava's ballet class!!!! Boo to her preschool for not allowing homemade treats..only prepackaged ones!

Things that make me happy:

Books...currently in the Twilight Series

The computer...I can immerse myself in many things...

Chai lattes.

Beth P said...

Those little turkeys are too cute! What a clever idea.
Things that make me happy...hmmm, right about now I would say having my kids go to bed without a struggle. It has been awful around here lately. It just about wears me out. But, seriously, spending time with the kids, having my church school class actually remember what I talked about the week before, and my dear husband are the things that make me happy.

Rhayne said...

My great-grandmother's chocolate chip cookies. I haven't made these in months because I've been trying to loose weight. I finally broke down today. I'm also loving the cooler evenings so I have a good excuse to curl up with my fuzzy blanket. I'm really loving that it's hot cocoa season :o) Drinking it mid-July just isn't the same!

Susan said...

Have I said I love your blog and recommend it to everyone. I am trying your meatloaf tonight and I am so excited. I LOVE new recipes and I love how you give us pics and step by step instructions. Anyway, I love the fall pics. I so wish we had fall looking trees here. I need to go on a day trip to see fall. We go from 112 degrees to 60 degrees in 1 day so there is no happy medium EVER. Estee, I love how much your blof makes me smile. Your humor is so refreshing and the love you have for your family just rubs off on those of us who read this. That sounds like I don't love my family and I can honestly say I would die for any of them but there are days where I can't remember why I like them...LOL....thats why I scrap to remember why I love them...I am kidding, truly I am. I just thought I would stop and let you know your blog is my fav and I love how you make me smile.

Hooly cow I wrote a book AGAIN.