Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Button Trees, Advent Stockings and Andes Mint Cookies, OH MY!

I have been dying to try these button trees and I am thrilled with the outcome! These things took 7 hours to complete. Worth every minute.

Still baking. And freezing. And baking. Did I mention that I am making 3 desserts for Thanksgiving? My oven is going to bolt, I can sense it. These Andes Mint Cookies are calling my name from the kitchen. I can hear them.

In the middle of making advent stockings. Did you know that I can't buy embroidery floss in my town? I have been to 3 stores! I am going to have to drive 40 minutes just to buy red embroidery floss. So sad.

I am still playing with the November Mosh Posh kit. I just love the colors!

Breuklyn had her Thanksgiving Play today. Hopefully we can soon move on from, "Three big turkeys are we-eeeeee. We spend all night in the tree-eeeee. When the cook came around, we couldn't be found. And that's why we're here you see-eeeee." Not that I don't love listening to the same song 328 times, but a little variety wouldn't kill us either.

Being creative with soup recipes. I could eat this potato soup every single day. Yum. I used an Estee-ized version of THIS recipe from Allrecipes.com.

What are you working on? Any fun Christmas projects? You absolutely must, must, must visit my dear friend Patrizzia's blog, iCreate, and check out the dough ornaments that she made! So cute!!


3left Feet said...

Oh M gee.. I LOVE your trees! they are soo adorable!!

Mmm.. potato soup sounds devine on a cold day like this!!

Humm.. have a very happy turkey day!

Patrizzia said...

Oh Estee those tress turned out AMAZING! You are right, they are worth those 7 hours for sure.

Thanks for the shout out.. lol. I appreciate it!

Lal said...

OOOH, those trees are SO pretty!! I don't know if I could put all that time into them though! But you did an AWESOME job! Love the LO too...cute!! Oh and that's a great pic of the kids! You take the best pics!! :)

Melissa S said...

Hey Estee..what did you do different for the soup? It looks yummy..I love allrecipes...my fav site. I am making the cornbread and sausage stuffing recipe from there tomorrow.

Monica Jo said...

Those trees are the cutest. great job on them. And the cookies...OMG..they are calling to me too..yummmmmy

Vicki said...

OOOO, I just love your button trees!

Amanda Sevall said...

Can't believe you have to drive that far for red embroidery floss! Good grief! The button trees are fabulous and amazing - I'm so impressed! Definitely worth the effort. :) I have been knitting hats and dishcloths. My sister and I made photo frames and felt ornaments. So much fun! I'll have to post them :)