Saturday, October 18, 2008

Directions for the Handmade Tutu!!

First of all I can not claim this as being my idea. I found the directions here and she made it look so easy that I knew I had to try it!

Basically, all that you need is tulle, elastic for the waistband, scissors, needle and thread and a measuring tape.

To begin, you will need to measure the waist of whomever you are making the tutu for. Measure the waist and then subtract 3 inches. Breuklyn's waist was 20 inches, so I cut the elastic at 17 inches.

Then, you will need to sew the elastic end to end so that it makes a circle. You could use a sewing machine, but I used a needle and embroidery floss. Easy.

How long do you want the skirt to be? I wanted Breuklyn's to be a little bit longer, so I measured her and then determined 14 inches to be the length I wanted. You will need to double that measurement when you cut the tulle. You are going to knot the pieces of tulle around the elastic, so you will need it to be doubled. Therefore, I cut the tulle at 28 inches.

The tulle pieces need to be (insert your necessary length here) and 6 inches wide. Cut. Cut. Cut.

Now, we are almost done. Take the elastic and slide it onto your thigh. This makes it a lot easier to tie on the tulle pieces. Take each piece and slide it under the elastic. Even up the ends. Tie a double knot, lining up the knots along the bottom. Keep adding the tulle strips until the elastic strip is full.

Did you get that? Check here if you need to see pictures and more step by step directions. She does a great job showing exactly what you need to do.

And this is what you end up with. Pair it with a pair of Halloween tights, a witch's hat and a wand to make the perfect witch/fairy costume for your little girl!

Thanks for all of the sweet comments about the tutu! I hope that you can use these directions to make your own!! :)


Susan said...

Hey Estee, I am dropping by your blog AGAIN. I think I am your blog stalker....LOL....I check yours out before all the others I have saved. I had to say that I tried your zucchini bread (I know that I probably spelled that wrong) and it was to die for. This week I am doing the Easy Cheesy chicken enchiladas, yum. Can't wait. I hope you keep doing this, I get into such arut with what to fix for dinner and I love to bake and try new recipes. Do you have any good ones for pumpkin you even take requests?? I am kidding but if you do I would love to see what you come up with. I had one many moons ago but I have misplaced it. Heck with 7 kiddos, eight if you count my hubby, hee hee hee I have a hectic houselhold. Anyway, I should run my son is here with me and I am neglecting him...LOL...he is going over his b-day list as I type, he will 17 tomorrow...funny how when they are young their list is so easy, transformers, cars, lazer lights and now it's so high tech I need a degree to figure out his list...LOL....ok I am way to gabby this morning and you got an ear full. Have a great morning.

I am finally blogging more but it pales in comparison to yours but I will get there. Drop by sometime.

shopgirlaudi said...

That IS easy. I'm gonna have to try that soon. The tutu would also be great for a little photo shoot;)

shopgirlaudi said...

K...I went and priced the tulle at Walmart cause I so want to make one for a little photo shoot;)

How many yards of tulle did you need to buy??? I see you had three different colors. So how much of each. I'm thinking I might do mine in one solid color. MAYBE two. Thanks SO much:)

Michelle Menden said...

HI Estee! I found you! You are so your mother's daughter... so creative! It looks like you need to publish your ideas in a book. And your kids are adorable. How is your Mom? And Carolyn? I wanted to send Carolyn a graduation present and didn't send it to her college addresss before I thought she may have moved. Can you tell me where to send it? Have your parents moved? Tell your mom HI for me okay? I miss you all! You can see those "little" kids you used to babysit on Can I put your blog on my friends list?