Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things, Fall Edition

I love the Fall. Truly. Completely. I have been planning trips to the pumpkin patch and cupcake decorating play dates. Life is good.

This is one of the pumpkin patches that we visit every year. I am a bit obsessed with pumpkins. Walden Farm has amazing pumpkin fudge and the cutest pumpkin patch for smaller kids that doesn't require a hayride to get there, in case you are concerned that your child may, um, dive off. Not that I would have to worry about that.

These are the monster cupcakes that I made last year, and I can't wait to make them again! Maddux is counting down days until we can make these.

Another tradition at our house is to decorate the Wilton Halloween House . This will be the first year that Paizlee will get to participate.

This soap is *amazing*. Seriously, I would totally spread this on toast if it wasn't, you know, soap.
I bought these soaps online at Smokey Mountain Scents which is an Etsy store. I love Etsy, almost as much as I love these soaps!

These are Murstees. Carolyn and I invented them, hence the Mur (since Carolyn is called Aunt Murray by my kids) and Stee (yeah, I think you get it). They are bursting with oats, peanut butter Whoppers, Heath Bits and our super secret ingredient of french vanilla pudding mix. Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. I love Fall.

What are you favorite things about Fall?


Lal said...

OOOO, I LOVE Fall too!! Mostly because it never really gets "cold" here in San Antonio. And because I like it when it's cool, but not when it's too cold. I love to wear sweaters and sweatshirts and cozy pajama pants. And bake cookies and make pumpkin bread....mmmmmmmmmmmm! Oh, and when you make those cupcakes again, please post instructions because I know my kids would just LOVE them!! :)

Carmen O. said...

Fall is my favorite season too! I enjoy the crisp air, the colors, the smells and wearing sweaters!

You really know how to make a person hungry! Those soaps look awesome and I bet the smell good too.

Of course you and your sister would have your "own" cookie! They sound yummy.

Tara said...

mmm......... your blog always makes me hungry!!! hehehee...
i think i need the recipe for those murstees!!!! oh that sounds gooooood!!!!

keep on bloggin i really enjoy yours!!!


Patrizzia said...

I love the crisp weather, the smell of burning leaves and of course apple picking and visiting the pumpkin patch.

I remember when you made those cupcakes... so cute. Can't wait to see your new batch!


shopgirlaudi said...

I was just going to ask about instructions for those cupcakes too:)

I love the cooler weather too. After all the hot weather, we need some cooling off.

I love baking especially pumpkin bread. My birthday is also in the Fall;)

BB said...

Ah fall, also known as vest season. It really is my favorite time of year.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE Fall... but, I really get frustrated here in Kentucky. Growing up in Michigan spoils you... long, long Falls... now I have about 3 weeks of Fall, if I am lucky... ;-) And, it rains like crazy here!! Enough complaining... Fall really is my favorite season... the thing I love the most... Michigan apples... there's nothing like 'em. I was at my parent's house last weekend and I brought back a huge basket of them.... yummy!!!