Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Busy Schedule of a 5-year-old

Picture Day! There is absolutely no telling what her hair looked like by the time it was actually time for the pictures to be taken, but at least I have this shot! She also celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday on Picture Day. The teacher wanted all of the students to wear overalls and pots on their heads, but we sent in an apple instead.

Breuklyn also went to her Investiture Program for Daisy Girl Scouts.

I just love how sweet she looks in this picture. There are 20 girls in her troop, so she has made lots of new friends.

This is her best friend, Haley. She is so excited that Haley is in Girl Scouts with her.

Breuklyn's soccer team, the Bumbleagles, won their first soccer game on Saturday. She scored 3 goals and was *so* excited. Now she wants to sign up for basketball. This kid likes to be busy! I wonder where she gets that from?


Carmen O. said...

OMG Breuklyn is so grown up looking in these photos! She really is a busy girl, kind of sounds like my oldest. ;)

shopgirlaudi said...

LOL on the overalls and pot. Cute idea, but not for picuture day;) She sure is looking grown up especially in the Daisy pic:) Congrats to Breuklyn on the 3 goals!!! :)

Leah said...

busy kid!

Lal said...

Aw, how cute! I was a Girl Scout for a while growing up. She sure is a busy girl!!

aunt mur =) said...

im sorry but what is a bumbleagle?? is that like a zorse? who came up with her team mascot? i need their phone number - i have some things to say to them.

Jane said...

Wow...she is getting so BIG!!!! What a beauty she is becoming too!!!