Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July Mosh Posh Kit!

It's time for new layouts!! I loved the kit this month from Mosh Posh, I was able to mix and match the embellishments and papers to make some really fun color combinations.

And just because I love public humiliation, HERE is the link to my webisode. I have a few highlights that I would like to point out:

1. I love when the ice cream truck guy drives by, so there is fun music in the background. My phone ringing was also a nice touch.
2. Breuklyn was my videographer, you can hear her whispering in the background. She says encouraging things like, "You look great!" and "That is fascinating!" She is an awesome kid, but not so much a director.
3. I love how I manage to look like I just pulled an all-nighter AND sound like I am a door-to-door salesman all at the same time. That takes talent.

I have the recipe for lemon cupcakes tomorrow! So be nice about the webisode or no cupcakes for you!


BB said...

OMG you are famous now! You have your own webisode!
Also I would just like to tell you that yesterday while grocery shopping at Sam's Club I was hit on by an Amish guy. Yes, that's right. Amish.
Dude, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Did I mention how hot straw hats and suspenders are. Whew!

Vel said...

I will try, try, try to visit your blog more often. I am just now taking that giant leap into the 21st century and discovering this world so bear with me. So glad I found you though. :)

Carmen O. said...

Hmmm I didn't hear the ice cream truck or Breuklyn but I did hear the phone! Kudos to Breuklyn for being a great videographer!

shopgirlaudi said...

This was TOO cute. You did a great job. I LOVED it. I was looking forward to hearing Brueklyn's encouraging comments, but I couldn't hear her. I did hear the ice cream truck and the phone though:) Oh...and LOVE your interpretation of the ad:)