Thursday, July 31, 2008

Countdown to Kindergarten: 1 More Day & The Great Shoe Debate

Breuklyn's Kindergarten teacher is very pro-nature. I don't mean this in a bad way, she just is. She wants the kids to wear tennis shoes to school every day so they can go outside and do the Nature Hike. Since Breuklyn only own flip flops and cutesy sandals, we are on the hunt for tennis shoes. After searching through 15 pages of shoes at these are the finalists:




We both like #3 the best, but we are letting Brad be the voice of reason and have the final vote. Sometimes we get distracted by the cute and don't always make the best decision in terms of practicality.

In other news, tomorrow is the day. She only goes from 8:00am - 1:00pm, but I am still a huge big mess. Thank you for all of the sweet comments that you left, you have no idea how helpful they were. Think positive, non-crying thoughts for me tomorrow!


Carmen O. said...

I vote for all of them. If you haven't seen my skater shoes layout at Noah tends to go through shoes every couple of months! He's at his Dad's for a few weeks and I'm hoping he'll get new shoes. Not holding my breath but still I can't afford these skate shoes. You'll make it through tomorrow, thankfully it's 1/2 day gives you a bit more time to adjust. Noah's first day is like that too, only freshmen on the first day. Have a great weekend! Looking forward to what Breuklyn's first day is like :).

Melissa said...

#1 will be the most comfortable but the other two will be much cuter on her feet! hehehe

Good luck making it through tomorrow! I know you can do it!

Melissa said...

I've been doing WW on and off since 2005. This is week 5 back for me. I don't have too many problems with it, but the first time I did it, way back when, I had a lot of problems with cravings and stuff.

You have to allow yourself that kind of stuff. Eventually, you'll stop craving so much. Plus, hormones play in when you're a girl and there's all kinds of crazy problems with that. My main problem has been pizza. lol. But I figured out how to work it in because I can't -not- have it.

Try a couple pieces of Dove dark chocolates. They're delicious and I think 3 pieces is 2 points.

Elizabeth said...

I think they are all cute, but #1 will be best if they are going to be running around outside... which are the cheapest? She's going to grow out of them before long anyway...

Hope your first day goes well today! :-)

shopgirlaudi said...

They are ALL WAY cute;) We always buys Sketchers. We only need tennis shoes for certain days of the week; when they have PE. The rest of the week is for cute outfits and shoes:)