Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Root Canal Day!

Ok, well, not really, but I am tired of stressing about it and I am going to embrace my root canal. Or maybe not. We'll see. At any rate, it is today and I don't have much choice about the whole dang thing.

My new column is up at Check it out if you get a chance. :) I am also hosting a contest over there during the month of June. It's called the "Brand New" June Contest and is giving away 12 $30.00 Prize Packs. I get to choose the winners, which gives me way more power than I deserve. Bwah ha ha!

I got my June Mosh Posh kit in the mail on Saturday and I am happily creating over here. It is so fun to work with!! I will be uploading layouts soon. :)

In the meantime, please think positive non-agonizing thoughts for my dental adventure today! And maybe a few positive thoughts for my grandmother too, she could really use them.


Leah said...

happy thoughts all around.

shopgirlaudi said...

Aaahhh!!! That kit is ROCKIN'!!! LOVE, LOVE it!!!

Ugh...I remember root canals. I had several done all on one tooth:( I have absolutely no nerves left in there. Sending you good teeth vibes;)

Prayers for your grandma:)

Lola said...

How did the root canal go today, girl? Been thinking about ya today at work when I was hearing root canals going all day long. Hope it wasn't so bad for ya!
I got my Mosh Posh kit in Saturday also. YAY!! I can't wait to play with it this weekend!!

Carmen Olson said...

Hope your root canal went well. That MOSH Posh kit looks fab, can't wait to see the results.