Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Great Flower Adventure

This is my house before The Great Flower Adventure. Do you see those plants that are growing in the flower bed in front of my living room window? I have no idea what they are, they came with the house and they are UGLY. They also have roots that go all the way to China. My trowel broke in half, yes, in half. So much for my brand new trowel. I then had to bust out the shovel and stand up on the flower bed thing so I could dig them out. I am sure that the neighbors were fascinated and were placing bets on whether or not I would crash through the window.

Doesn't Maddux look thrilled? Breuklyn and Maddux collected over 100 snail shells from the flower bed after I would pull the plants out. They were so aggravated to find that some of the shells actually had, gasp, snails in them and they would try to escape.

And this is the after picture. I planted over 100 annuals. We also planted a lilac bush and some black-eyed susans, but you can't see them in this picture.

Another shot of the yard before, complete with Paizlee coloring with her sidewalk chalk.

And after. Now it really feels like home.


Lal said...

Awww, it looks so pretty!! Very "homey" :)

Melissa S said...

Yeah for you Estee...:) I personally don't like planting...but you did a fabo job!

Leah said...

ohh pretty! great job estee!

Jane said...

what an awesome job you did!! love it...looks so ...well, homey!!!

Carmen Olson said...

Your home looks fabulous! I love to plant, but haven't done it since moving to Toledo. One of these years I will again. Beautiful yard, Estee.