Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday Wishes

It's Wednesday already! YAY!!

1. That ABC would be ever so kind enough to not cancel October Road. I love that show. Even though somehow I managed to miss the last three episodes, I still love that show.

2. That I could somehow justify eating Nutella at every meal. Yum.

3. Even though I love living here and I love, love, love my new house, it is absolutely annoying that there isn't a Starbucks here. Oh extra-hot non-fat Chai Latte how I miss you. Sigh. Ok, so I wish for a Starbucks to be built here.

4. I wish that I could buy more memory for my iPod. I am running out of room and I just don't have the heart to delete some of the older stuff.

5. I wish that Carolyn would get a job in Nashville. Seriously Mur, I think that you would do excellent in the cowboy boot industry. Puh-leeeeaaaasssee? It will break my heart if I have to visit you in Columbus. Well, maybe I am just being a little dramatic this morning. ;)


BB said...

I wish for a pet polar bear.
And a pair of those shoes that have the individual toes.

Leah said...

what? are they seriously canceling October Road? that's not nice.

I wish that spring would get here faster - I'm so over winter. lol.

Melissa S said...

Hey Estee...columbus is only 2 hours from me...if you are going to visit Mur there...we can see each other as well!!! So there!

Melita said...

I (heart) October Road too!

Brookie said...

Estee, visit this link: ...and you will see that your pining for Chai will soon be over!!!! Seriously, buy yourself a couple of those. I used to work at Starbucks and that concentrate is the exact stuff we use in the stores to make the Chai Latte's. You can add it to chilled milk or heated milk (heat it stovetop or nuke it) and TA-DA you will have the very thing you're missing. HTH! ;)