Monday, March 31, 2008

Irrevocable Truths

My new column is up at, yay! It is all about the irrevocable truths in my life. For example, the more that my hair takes on a life of its own and I am wearing a t-shirt covered in paint, the more likely it is that someone I don't like will stop by for an unannounced visit.

Other than that, we have just been hanging out. If it would stop raining, we would venture outside. The weatherlady said that we should see some sun on... Thursday. Yeah.


Lal said...

OH, I just LOVE this pic of you guys! How did you get that great angle? Love it!! Can't wait to see you scrap this one!! Have a great day! Hope you get some sun! We've been getting some much needed rain here, but the dark, gloomy skies are a bit of a bummer!

shopgirlaudi said...

LOVE, LOVE that pic. It IS a great angle. PLEASE share your secret;)

Leah said...

aww great pic!
I am waiting for the sun to come back too - I saw if for 1 whole minute today! lol.