Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy First Birthday Baby Pocus!!!

My mom and Carolyn are here, so we are busy, busy, busy gossiping and celebrating birthdays. Since I haven't posted in forever, I am sharing this video with you, complete with commentary from me and Carolyn. Wishing you a Wednesday full of birthday cake!! :)


Melissa S said...

Paizlee is 1 already!!!!!!!!!! Oh my time flies!!!!!

BB said...

Happy Birthday Paizlee!
Awww, so cute with cake everywhere.
Have fun with your family while they visit.

Leah said...

too cute!

Heather said...

Hey at least she ate her cake!!! Brandon would hardly touch his! Happy birthday to our little ones! Paizlee is adorable.

hillybeans said...

yumm !! cake !!
haha too cutee.

ayy tighttt bloggg.
prettyy radical :]