Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Wishes

1. Still wishing to see 27 Dresses. There have been hints that a Valentine's Day miracle may occur.
2. Girlscout cookies. Enough said.
3. One really good Michigan snow kind of day. Just one. We had snow flurries this morning and school was canceled for the whole county. Insane. I want a true 8 inches of snow so that I can at least make a snowman.
4. I'll reserve one wish for Nan. She could use a wish.
5. I wish, oh I wish, that ABC won't cancel October Road. I {heart} October Road.


Aunt Murray said...

i swear when i read your thing about the snow that it said that because of the snow the whole COUNTRY had closed. i was flabergasted [is that how you spell that?] to say the least. i didnt think coffee county tennessee had THAT much pull.

my wednesday wishes, cause i know you care intensely.

one. to find a job.
two. for my hair to actually cooperate with me and do what it is supposed to.
three. to meet tim gunn. MAKE IT WORK.
four. almond chicken from michigan. yes please.
five. for valentines day to disappear, to fall off of the face of the earth. i hate this day. BAH.

Melissa S said...

Oh yikes! Did you hear gossip that October Road might be cancelled???? I totally love that show...details please:)

Happy Valentines Day!