Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday Wishes

1. To see 27 Dresses... or maybe Atonement. Well, let's face it. I want to eat the popcorn.

2. I want Terrelle Pryor to commit to Michigan for football, or else we will be doomed. Doomed I tell you, doomed.

3. Chai Latte... still

4. To find a swingset for the kids that doesn't a. cost a million dollars and b. won't fall apart if it rains/is windy/ has too many children hanging from it.

5. For Andrew to fall madly in love with Carolyn. (Sorry Mur, had to put it in there. Vrooooommmmm... thump thump thump.... vrooooommmmmm )

6. Oh wait... one more... for Ricky to get kicked off of Project Runway. He drives me crazy!!!


Aunt Mur said...

i cant believe you threw me under the bus. GEEZE.

betsy said...

I have your same wish as #1. The friends that want to see "27 Dresses" with me don't eat movie theater popcorn. That's insane, isn't it?

Heidi said...

I haven't watched last nights episode yet (it's waiting for me on tivo) but I would much rather see Christian go!!!

Melissa S said...

Hmmm....wednesday wishes...

THat is was the weekend..

That I don't have to be sick..

That I didn't feel so inferior around the moms at my daughters school..

That my acne is finally under control and stays that way..

To drink a big mug of Hot chocolate and eat a donut and heck a chocolate shake and a ton of Icecream without gaining an ounce..

shopgirlaudi said...

I missed last week's Wednesday Wishes and looks like I missed them again. I'm like a day behind...still, but...I'll list mine anway.

#1 to get over this stupid cold, allergies...whatever the heck it is

#2 to be motivated enough to finish my Vday cards and maybe a LO

#3 to stop being lazy and get on my darn Eliptical...the cold thing is NOT helping:(

#4 to be able to sleep through the night and not wake up with a sore throat or not being able to breath...

That's all I have:)

I saw 27 Dresses this past weekend. It's good:)