Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flamingos can dance?

I could never be a flamingo. As Carolyn said, "If we were flamingos, our necks would be all tangled together." So very true.


Lal said...

Okay, THAT is amazing! And kind of freaky! LOL

BB said...

I like how they all turn their heads from side to side.
How do their legs not get tangled together?

Heidi said...

Look at the beautiful flamingos!!!!! They are so awesome! (did you know they are the most awesomest animals in the world???)

Aunt Murray said...

i cant even imagine if you and i had to do a dance to get a 'mate'. we would be SO screwed.

all i can envision is these two flamingos outside of the group, doing these weird dances, kicking out their legs and making weird noises, and everyone in the group being like 'god who invited them'.

that would be us.

thank the lord we have each other.

Heather said...

I would be the one in the front that kept stopping to eat. LOL I've never been a part of the crowd.