Monday, January 14, 2008


Are you sensing a theme here? I hate.loathe.despise packing. Three children accumulate a lot of things. It is kind of ridiculous. Carolyn is back home in Blacksburg, so no more Scrabble games for me. I am back to packing.packing.packing. Ugh. The moving guys will be here on Saturday to officially move us in, but I will be taking boxes over all week. Did I mention... ugh. BUT! There is the reward of the new super crazy expensive comfy bed and mattress once we get all moved in. There is always an upside to things. Always. Back to packing!


Melissa S said...

ooo a new super comfy new bed....sounds like it needs a good breaking in hugh? :0 Hope it went wellthis weekend!

Jane said...

WOW!! didn't realize you were moving! Good luck with that...I hate moving fun and tempers are short and you have to be organized uuuuggghh!!