Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Five Wishes for Wednesday

1. A bouquet of flowers

2. One whole hour to spend wandering around Barnes and Noble.

3. 15 minutes to take a shower without anyone yelling, "Mommy! Are you done??"

4. One morning to actually read the newspaper in bed.

5. A Venti non-fat extra hot Chai Latte. Yum.

What are your Wednesday Wishes??


Aunt Murray said...

1. Get to sleep in and not have that continuing dream where I've skipped a class all semester and I have to go take the final for that class.

2. To wear a pair of shoes all day on campus and not have them give me blisters.

3. To get a big package in the mail with lots of fun stuff in it.

4. For someone to do the huge long list of homework and studying that I have to do.

5. A tall boy who wears glasses. [That wish isn't specific to Wednesday. I would be okay with that ANY day.]

Lal said...

Hmmm....let me see.
1. To be able to sleep in late in my own bed without little feet poking me in the side!
2. Not having to tell Mikey ONE time all day to "get down from there" or "don't touch that" or "stop hitting your brother"...yeah, I know..that's a BIG wish! LOL
3. To be able to "use the bathroom" and take a shower without having to yell out the door "just wait until I'm done in here".
4. Some uninterrupted scrap time!
5. To have a good workout and not want to fall off the treadmill!

Melissa S said...

My Five Wishes:

1) That my son would stop annoying me and please just follow the rules of the house.

2) To be able to go do all my returns and errands in peace.

3) To be able to eat anything I wanted and not wake up and be heavier...and to not have cravings to do it all over again!

4) To finish up my canvas

5) That my acne would magically disappear so that I can finally be at peace with my face!