Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My New Favorite Joke...

My poor children were held captive in the car for a very long time today as I ran about a million and three errands. Between having lunch with Brad, going to the bank, picking up a birthday present for Breuklyn's Pre-K friend and dropping off a check at my Realtor's office, the kids got a little tired of the view from the backseat.

After singing Old MacDonald has a Farm a gazillion times, I was desperate for something to entertain the kids. (If anyone could clue me in as to the sound that a giraffe makes, I would greatly appreciate it. We sit in silence because we have no idea. ... and on this farm he had a giraffe e-i-e-i-o... with an -ummmm- here and a -silence- here, here a -?-, there a -who the heck knows- e-i-e-i-o!!!)

Somewhere between that house that has every single blow-up yard Christmas decoration thing known to man and me leaving Paizlee's bottle on top of the car and then driving off, I remembered one of my favorite jokes from when I would drive my mom crazy from the backseat. I taught it to the kids, and then we called Groggee and Aunt Murray to tell them the new bestest joke ever. Would you like to hear it? Don't lie... you know you want to.

Me: I ONE the sandbox
Breuklyn: I TWO the sandbox
M: I THREE the sandbox
B: I FOUR the sandbox
M: I FIVE the sandbox
B: I SIX the sandbox
M: I SEVEN the sandbox
B: I EIGHT the sandbox... I ATE the sandbox, bwahhahahahahahahahahahaha

Yes, yes... I know it isn't the most amazing joke, but I have the sense of humor of a three-year-old and I love it. It allowed for at least 15 miles of unstoppable laughter, and that is the goal, right?


BB said...

I ate the sandbox..*snicker*.. see I think this is actually educational, teaching the kiddies to count. You are a great mom! A great, funny, mom.

I know nothing about driving people bonkers with my favorite joke. Nope. Nothing at all.

Heather said...

ROFLOL BB is right you are really educating them! Totally.