Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sneak Peek & Breuklyn-isms

I have been working on my layouts for the December Mosh Posh kit... so much fun! I love the Basic Grey Figgy Pudding line. Love it. Brad thought I was crazy because I broke out my cool antique ornament cookie cutters and was tracing them onto patterned paper. I didn't bother explaining what I was doing. :)

She came home from Pre-K yesterday full of the latest gossip on who can't share toys and who called who a stupid-head. Apparently Jayce broke something and Mrs. Emily had to call his mom. According to Breuklyn he got into, "Big Sorry Trouble." I don't know what this means, but it sounds bad. Her class learned about China yesterday as well, and all Breuklyn can tell me is that, "it is very, very far away. They have pandas." Brad wasn't impressed. "How much money are we paying them?" is his constant battle cry. They are going to learn about France on Thursday. I am very tempted to send in croissants.

Other than that, we are busy getting ready for Christmas. I seriously need to start Christmas shopping. Breuklyn wants to know what she will get in her "candy sock" (otherwise known as a stocking) because she thinks that a "Darby" doll will fit in their quite nicely. Am I ready for my 4-year-old to be playing with Barbies? I would love to pass on to her all of my beloved Barbie dolls, except that mine weren't beloved and I continuously chopped all of their hair off in order to achieve the perfect Barbie doll bob. That and the makeup that I applied with my Crayola markers meant that there was no salvaging my sad, sad Barbies. Oh well. Maybe I can interest her in a Fisher Price camera instead. Or maybe Carolyn could share in the wealth of her perfectly preserved Barbies.


shopgirlaudi said...

Awww...I think my daughter was like two the first Xmas she asked for Barbies. She LOVES them:) I unfortunately got rid of my Barbie collection right before I got pregnant with her thinking I would never have a daughter. Mine were all still in their boxes:( Oh, well...

Sounds like you all are really getting into the holiday spirit. I need to get my tree up soon and start my shopping. I've only got a few things scratched off the Xmas list.

aunt mur' said...

perfectly preserved? i dont know about that now. i had the same issue as you did with my barbies- apparently you and i some subconscious want to be a hairdresser, because all of my barbies are bald as well.

and they have been in mom and dad's garage for like years and years. i am sure the mice play with them now.

also. mom and dad pppprobably threw them away and didnt tell me ha. like they gave my bike away without telling me. nothing like having the urge to go for a bike ride one day and hunting for your bike in the garage and then realizing dad gave my bike away to a friend of his for his daughter. i swear.

Melissa S said...

Girl you are lucky! My girls learned about barbies at 3 or under! Cool idea to trace cookie cutters!!!!