Saturday, November 10, 2007


Have you noticed how the ESPN guys say Michigan? Meeeeeeeeee-chigan. I never really noticed it until Brad pointed it out. Huh. Anyone know why?

-crickets chirping-

Anyone? Hello? Ok, it's just me who is obsessed with college football. BB? I know you are out there!!! Well, BB and I are counting down until the big Ohio State game. I am so freakin' excited, it isn't even funny. I have a million and four hooded sweatshirts that are emblazoned with some version of an "M" or some clever Michigan saying. I happen to love my "Big House" sweatshirt the best because it is blue and fleecy and ginormous. You would not believe the comments that I get when I wear it. One very concerned man at Walmart stopped me to ask, "Are you saying that you are a big house?" Um... "Yes, clearly I am proclaiming the fact that I am as huge as a house. Clearly."

The other fancy dressed Pre-K moms will new reasons to whisper about me this week as they prance around in their high heels and I will be kicking it in my New Balance tennis shoes and hooded sweatshirts. Rock on.

Alright Lloyd, you got us past Michigan State, now let's trounce Wisconsin as practice for next week. Let's go Lloyd. GO BLUE!!!!

ETA: Angela is awesome and totally knew where Meeeeeee-chigan came from. For all of you who are just dying to know, here is the Wiki link... GO BLUE!!


Angela said...

Meeeeee-chigan is clearly a Bob Ufer comment!

Watching the game right now - we're down, of course. GO BLUE!!!!

Estee said...

How did I not know that??? You rock the Michigan football Angela!!!

Didn't you love Lloyd getting all mad?? Love it. :)

BB said...

Yeah Estee!
I am counting the moments until we annihilate Ohio State.
Want to hear a joke? You do? Oh good.
How do you get to Colombus OH (location of Ohio State)?
You drive south until you *smell* it and then you drive east until you *step in* it.
These are directions from Michigan, of course. GO BLUE!

Heather said...

I'm an LSU fan for sure. We can be found on the couch yelling at the TV frequently. DH is getting a surprise. I'm implementing your "rock, paper, scissors" strategy during the next game! LOL