Saturday, November 17, 2007


Today is the day. We, as Michigan fans, have been counting down to this day since last year. Today's game is going to be tough. The rumor is that Lloyd Carr is going to retire after today's game, and while Lloyd is sometimes not my favorite coach, he was the coach while I was at Michigan, so I definitely support him. Come on Lloyd, let's do this. Let's beat Ohio State. GO BLUE!!!!


Melissa S said...

Sorry Estee.....OSU won! Well I didn't follow the game...even though I am a Clevelander...thinking of you:(

BB said...

I am too depressed even to contemplate this tragic, tragic loss. In fact I was so sad that I completed ALL of my Christmas shopping on Sunday in a feverish "shopping therapy" session. This helped slightly but I almost stared to weep when picking out a sweater for my mom and the sales woman said to me "it also comes in Blue!" *sniff*