Thursday, September 27, 2007

You can't argue with truth.

Breuklyn is four going on fourteen. I am convinced. This child has more attitude in her little finger than poor Brad has in his whole body. Proof? Are you asking for proof? Oh yeah, I've got proof...

Let me set the scene... We are sitting at dinner and Brad is, once again, teasing Breuklyn for some unknown reason. Also, imagine Maddux yelling YEAH after everything Breuklyn says.

Brad: You are such a drama queen.

Breuklyn: No way! You are the drama queen!

Brad: Oh yeah? Well, you are a silly little girl

Breuklyn: No way! You are a big weird man!

- I swear that was Maddux giggling, not me. No, not me at all. It is not nice to call Brad a weird man, so I certainly did not giggle. -

Brad: (Looking somewhat perplexed) Well... you... um... you watch too much TV... yeah!

Breuklyn: And you have a stinky mommy!

- bwahahahahahahahahahahah... -

Brad: (Shocked, has nothing to say)

Me: (Trying not to laugh. Unsuccessfully trying not to laugh) Breuklyn. That isn't very nice. You tell daddy that you are sorry. (Turning to Brad...) That's what happens when you tease your daughter.


~jennifer~ said...

now where is it that you think she gets all this attitude from my friend?? LOL! Tell her I also say "Rock on! I love the attitude- we need more girls with attitude!"
Hope we can get together soon sometime!

Melissa S said...

OMG!! ROFLMAO...about the stinky mother comment....ha ha! My inlaws are really stinky...they are indian and don't believe in deoderant.....Argh!

shopgirlaudi said...

LOL on the stinky...hee hee Kids say the darnest things;)

My daughter is the same way. I often wonder how she comes up with the things that come out of her mouth. I think the whole attitude/bossy thing is totally a girl thing. My son was NEVER like, but my daughter...that's a whole other story:)

BB said...

Stinky Mommy?!? Uh oh, them's fightin words!

outnumbered said...

LOL! SHe is too funny, but i must say that he should know better!

Heather said...

OMG that is just hilarious! Alexis is exactly the same way. Just sassy as all get out. I know you weren't laughing. You'd never laugh. Hehehe. Brad got what he deserved. LOL