Sunday, September 16, 2007

Queen of the Playground

Since Breuklyn started Pre-K, I have discovered a very bizarre thing... my daughter now has a social life. It is kind of earth shattering. When we go to the park after I pick her up from class, we usually meet up with some of her classmates. I have learned a few things about Breuklyn that are very entertaining.

1. She is the dominant personality in her little circle of friends. I should have known this, but somehow I didn't see it playing out in the large, large world of Pre-K. She is the one who decides that playing on the swings isn't cool and that the monkey bars are the place to be. She decides when it is time to take a water break. When we (the collective mom "we") decide that it is time to pack up everyone and head home for some much needed naps, the 4 years-olds look at Breuklyn for a sign as to whether they should throw a collective temper tantrum or not. Oh.the.power.

2. Being the queen bee of the 4 year-olds means that you don't have to know their names. Her "bestest friend eber" Lauren seems to suffer from this name thing the most. After the first day, Breuklyn came home talking about her new "bestest friend eber" Nemo. Now, I had read the class list and was certain that Nemo wasn't on the list. We ran through a gamut of names for this poor child. Lena, Lemo, Leno, Nemo, Noren, Snoren and Roaren were all names that Breuklyn tried out. When I finally met Lauren and her mother at the park one afternoon, I apologized for my goofy kid who was not willing to take 1.5 seconds to correctly pronounce Lauren's name. After all, it's my kids that have the weird names. After working on it all weekend, I think we have mastered Lauren's name. Now if I can just figure out who Bippo is.


shopgirlaudi said...

Nemo...LOL...that's hilarious, Estee. It is so funny to see them with their little friends.

My daughter has a thing about completely forgetting ppl's names. She makes no effort to find it out either...sigh:(

Melissa S said...

You know I totally believe that Breuklyn is the queen of the playground...I love that photo of her...and of course your blog is soooo awesome to read!

TessaAnnWatte said...

Hi Estee :)
Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you are doing well :)

About the envelopes. I buy the packs of plain white cards and envelopes at Michaels for around $5 for 25 of them. I just alter them and often times cutting them much smaller than they originally were, but in the end it works out great.

Sometimes when I create random sized cards, I will just mail them out in a mailer from the Post Office.

Sorry to!
Talk soon :)

Heather said...

It took me weeks to figure out who Bippo was too! Turns out. It was a character a local dentist was using to promote his business. Bippo the Tooth Brushing Hippo. I kid you not. LOL That's probably not who she's referring to though. Hehehe Very funny!

BB said...

awww, Breuklyn is the alpha kiddo!

Aunt Murray said...

breuklyn clearly gets her amazing social skills from her mother. i mean you are a celebrity and all.

i decided i want my autograph to say 'to my adoring fan carolyn, who has seen me through the good times and the bad'.

love you <3

Lal said...

Ha, ha..that is so funny!! Breuklyn SO looks the part of Queen of the Playground!!

outnumbered said...

She is getting so big! And i am not surprised she's the leader, but it's a good thing, really...i think :)